16 May 2017

Launching new website

We are thrilled about the launch of the new Midwife Rebecca website which has had a much-needed overhaul and a fresh new look! We would like to give a massive thank you to all the families who have given permission to use their beautiful photos, empowering stories and testimonials to describe their experience when hiring Rebecca for their care. This website has a new Blog page where Rebecca will regularly be posting birth stories, book reviews, articles on anything to do with yoga, pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn - so stay tuned!

The first blog post is an empowering birth story where Rebecca was one of the midwives looking after Hayley's labour and birth. Hayley hired independent midwives for her home birth and Rebecca came as the second midwife. She was privileged to help care for Hayley and be a part of baby Indy's journey into this world.


16 May 2017

Hayley's Birth Story

I know how many negative/scary birth stories people insisted on telling us during my pregnancy, so I just thought I'd share our positive birth story! I feel like it's really important to tell women that they can have a very positive birth experience, and exactly how it happened for me so they aren't scared or worried.

I woke up on 1st June, nine days before my due date, just before 6am. I had a mild sensation in my lower back, a sort of ache that wasn't unpleasant. The sensation faded quite quickly and I thought nothing of it. Half an hour or so later the feeling came back, it faded again and it crossed my mind that this could be the start of labour. I got up, made breakfast for me and my husband Steve, then the ache returned - I told Steve and said it was such a 'nice' ache that I thought it couldn't be a contraction. I said he shouldn't worry and to go to work.

Read the rest of Hayley's story 


Hayley and minutes-old Indy
Hayley and minutes-old Indy


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