Antenatal care

All packages include professional indemnity


We offer one-off appointments where we check you and your baby’s well-being and answer all your pregnancy questions. One-off appointments usually last 1 hour.



If you’d like to have full private antenatal care with a known midwife you may like to book an antenatal package. This includes:

  • Usually 10-12 visits (depending at what gestation you book)
  • Full antenatal care provided in your home with appointments lasting approximately 1 hour. The booking appointment will last 2 hours
  • Your health and wellbeing and that of the baby will be monitored at each appointment
  • During the appointments we will discuss birth preferences and labour & birth preparation, which involves tools such as breathing techniques, massage, and rebozo sifting
  • One reflexology session, which can be used at any time of the pregnancy, as a relaxation treatment or after 41 weeks to help with induction of labour
  • Package includes the loan of antenatal information resources and a hypnobirthing CD.


Client Aurora at 24 weeks
Client Aurora at 24 weeks


 Single appointment £150

Private antenatal care package £1200

Antenatal care plus prenatal yoga package £1600


"Rebecca is an enormously kind, caring, informative and impressive independent midwife and it has been a joy having her help prepare us for parenthood."

Abi Salvesen