Complete care package

All packages include professional indemnity

Complete midwifery care from the time you book right up to when your baby is 4 weeks old.


** Rebecca will be going on maternity leave from mid May 2020 and therefore not taking any bookings for births after this time **


  • Complete care from the time you book right up to when your baby is 4 weeks old
  • Access to two known midwives throughout your parenthood journey
  • All your antenatal care will take place at your home with regular appointments lasting up to 1 hour, except for booking appointment which lasts approximately 2 hours
  • Access to your midwives throughout pregnancy via telephone, text, or email
  • You are entitled to all NHS blood test and scans. However, if you wish to have these done privately, this can be arranged at an extra cost payable to the service provider
  • Planned hospital birth: emotional and physical support in hospital throughout your labour (clinical care by hospital midwives)
  • Planned home birth: clinical, physical and emotional support by your two known midwives at home.
  • Support if you choose to use hypnobirthing
  • Full postnatal care comprising of frequent visits in the first week and then taper off as required
  • Postnatal care includes parenting information, infant feeding support throughout, newborn blood-spot screening and weight checks
  • All information provided is based on best evidence and up-to-date research
  • If needed, a referral to other health practitioners such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, lactation consultants or tongue-tie division practitioners can be made

In addition to midwifery care, Rebecca is trained in complementary therapies such as essential oils, yoga and rebozo sifting. She will use yoga and rebozo sifting during pregnancy and labour to encourage your baby into an optimum birth position, and essential oils can be used as a further coping method.

Rebecca works alongside other independent midwives.

Baby Siya is a few minutes old with mum Dee and dad Jay
Baby Siya is a few minutes old with mum Dee and dad Jay

The fee for complete care package is £6500

A deposit is paid at booking and then monthly instalments with the full balance to be paid by 34 weeks. For late bookings, the full fee is required at booking.

"My pregnancy experience.... was superbly supported by Rebecca. I would specifically call out the labour piece where Rebecca struck up a wonderful rapport with the hospital midwifery team. I felt she worked really well with them, and advised me and my husband as needed, and I felt totally at ease and able to focus on the task at hand!"
Randeep Dhillon, mum to Taran & 5 year old Raman - Taplow, Buckinghamshire