Postnatal care

All packages include professional indemnity


We offer single postnatal appointments to top up your NHS care. During these appointments we will check you and your baby’s wellbeing, provide infant feeding support, weight check for baby, newborn blood-spot screening if needed and answer any questions. Appointments usually last 1 hour and a half.



If you are after full private postnatal care from a known midwife you may like to book the postnatal care package. This would be instead of NHS midwifery care and includes:

  • One antenatal appointment at 36 weeks of pregnancy to meet your midwife and go over your birth plan, after which she will await to hear from you when the baby is born so she can visit you at hospital if needed
  • Your health and wellbeing, and that of your baby will be monitored at each visit
  • Assistance with baby care, feeding support, newborn blood-spot screening and weight checks
  • Access to a Lactation Consultant
  • A postnatal reflexology session is included to help with relaxation or to enhance milk production
  • 10 postnatal appointments spread over 4 weeks
  • Postnatal visits are usually frequent in the first week and then taper off as required


Single appointment £150

Full postnatal care package £1200

Checking over baby Franco on postnatal day three
Checking over baby Franco on postnatal day three


"I can highly recommend Rebecca! She is very confident in her knowledge and loves what she does. She was never in a rush, answered calls and texts super quickly and always assessed all aspects of postnatal care in depth. Being a first time mum, her help and support was invaluable and I would always use her services again."
Daisy Maciocia, mum to Rose (first time mum) - Ealing, London