Birth Preparation Workshops/ Antenatal Classes

** Rebecca is currently available for online sessions **

Rebecca can offer tailored one-to-one birth preparation sessions. Each session lasts approx 2 hours.


Private sessions:

Labour care

Tailored to the client's situation and needs labour care is split into two sessions each lasting 2 hours and includes writing of a Birth Plan:

  • Difference between early labour and established labour
  • Signs of labour
  • Stages of labour
  • When to call your midwife or go into hospital
  • Breathing exercises
  • Pain relief: pharmacological and non-pharmacological
  • Optimal position for labour
  • Pregnancy yoga for labour
  • Transition
  • Protecting your perineum
  • Birthing your baby, skin to skin, cord clamping
  • Birthing the placenta
  • What apgar scores mean
  • Unexpected situations
  • Medical intervention
  • Caesarean section - emergency/planned, gentle caesarean, optimal cord clamping, skin to skin, seeding baby's microbiome

Session £180


Coping techniques for labour and birth

This session is 1 hour and will equip you with tools to use during your labour and birth:

  • Breathing for labour and birth
  • Visualisations: golden thread and white feather
  • Massage techniques
  • Yoga for each phase of labour
  • Optimal birth positions for an easier labour
  • Protecting your perineum
  • Essential oils for labour and birth
  • Reflex points on hands and feet
  • Finish off with a guided meditation

2hr Session is £180


Infant feeding

This 2 hour session will help prepare you in advance for when your newborn arrives: 

  • Breastfeeding - physiology of lactation
  • Correct positioning and attachment
  • Signs that baby is feeding well
  • Changing of baby stool colour
  • Weight gain and weight loss in the first week
  • Manual expressing
  • Engorgement and mastitis
  • Bottle feeding - sterilising equipment, formula milk
  • Skin to skin
  • Managing expectations
  • Tongue-tie
  • Jaundice

Session is £100


With Izzy, Tom and baby Anais
With Izzy, Tom and baby Anais


You can book each session separately 

Or the whole course for £600 

Postnatal care for mother

  • Emotional health - hormones, baby blues and postnatal depression
  • Colostrum and milk
  • Healing from stitches
  • Wound care
  • Lochia/bleeding
  • Sleep
  • Postnatal nutrition
  • Recovering from instrumental delivery or caesarean section
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Diastasis recti
  • Birth debriefing, organising a re-birth and/or closing of the bones ceremony

Session is £100


Life with your newborn

How to look after your newborn baby:

  • What to expect during the first week
  • Practical help from family and friends
  • Changing nappies, handling newborn, swaddling, burping
  • What is in the nappy?
  • Cord care
  • Bathing
  • Normal newborn behaviour
  • Basic first aid and CPR
  • When to seek medical help
  • Risks for SIDS

Session is £100


"The content of the sessions was fully researched and enormously helpful, Rebecca answered all questions with expert knowledge and both my husband and I came away much more confident in our understanding of what to expect in the coming months."